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Where do you start?

When you begin your planning for a renovation, addition or the building of a new home, you may not be certain of the design potential; you may not be aware of all the challenges that the house or site may pose;  or you may not know what it will cost or how long the process takes.

To build and realize your dream, first you have to identify it.  Be it the goal of a project, or your reason for existence, knowing what you want, what you need and what you may or may not be able to do will set you on the road to less stress and total domination during the entire process. 


We start every project with a consultation to determine your project's unique objectives and parameters before considering design.  Our process has been refined to give you a greater understanding of the design/documentation/build process while enhancing your knowledge to make more informed decisions on what your project may look like, leaving you less stressed.  These informed decisions can reduce your risk of losing control of the project with runaway costs that exceed your budget,  having to make decisions without the necessary background knowledge and with the project taking much longer than you had anticipated.  You also reduce your risk of settling for a design you don't like or failing to make optimal use of your home and site.

After our initial consultation reveals what makes your project unique to you, we'll present a plan to move forward that gets you organized, your project designed and ready for construction, and your contractor well-informed. Our architectural services packages are curated for your needs, from developing and refining your optimal design, creating your document set for permitting and construction, and advocating for you during the execution of the design during construction. 

Project Consultation

*Fee applies

Our Project Consultation is great for you if you primarily need the insights from a professional that you can use to make the best decisions to make your existing home work for you better.  Take these ideas and run with them or hire us to refine and finalize. 

What's included:

One meeting to walk your property, tour your current home and discuss your goals and challenges.

One meeting (in person at Stroud Architects office or virtually) to review the evaluation together and discuss next steps.

Discussion of preliminary budget range

Discussion of any obvious limitations of your site and program

A prioritized list

*Consultation fee is applied to full architectural services contract if you elect to hire us.

Programming Consultation

*Fee applies

Hiring an architect is an investment in your home and lifestyle.

The Programming Consultation is a good introduction to working with an Architect without the full commitment of an entire project from the start. You'll get an experienced professional's report on what may or may not be possible with your project based on your needs and goals we'll discuss together.  We'll identify your priorities, opportunities and you'll get a plan of action on what information you'll need to move forward and more. 

What's included:

One meeting at your project site/your home to review your project needs

Verbal recommendations on layout and design

A written report to include:

    Scope of work (what you want to include in your project)

    Preliminary Zoning and Building Code Review

    Preliminary construction cost estimate

    Preliminary design, documentation and construction schedules

    Preliminary ranges of architectural and engineering fees

    Typical project phases and architect's deliverables

Followup Strategy Meeting to discuss findings and answer any questions you might have.

*Consultation fee is applied to full architectural services contract if you elect to hire us.

Historic Preservation

If you have historic property and are planning to rehabilitate, restore, conserve or renovate (yes, they each have different meanings and goals), we can help you decide which options best fit your needs and navigate the process for Historic Tax Credits at the federal and/or state level to maintain the historic integrity of your property and make it work better for you.

*When you click the icon at left, you will be connected to an email address.  Please provide us with some general information, including your name, contact information, the property address, and how we can help you.

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Not sure which Consultation is right for you?  Schedule a quick call with Ivy to figure it out.


This is an introductory conversation for us to learn more about your project and ensure our team is a good fit for what you are wanting to accomplish.  We'll also explain the steps of our process. 

You may also contact us directly via email for a potentially quicker response.


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