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Thank you for your interest in our Programming Consultation. Detailed planning before design will help optimize the value of your project, reduce risk, and save you time, money, and frustration – it’s the first step we require for all our clients.  We’ll analyze the relevant regulations, help you clarify your needs and goals, and identify promising options so you can undertake your project with greater clarity and confidence.  It’s also a chance to work with us on a low-commitment basis while gaining valuable insight into your project, and to determine if we’re a good mutual fit for the larger endeavor of design, permitting, and construction.  Once the project planning is complete, and things look promising, we’ll prepare a proposal for the remaining architectural services.


Our Programming Consultation process is described below.  Read through and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  Once you've scheduled your site visit and paid the fee, you will receive the questionnaire to fill and return to us within 72 hours of scheduling your consultation.


Site Visit and Questionnaire

We research, analyze, evaluate, and summarize the regulations relevant to your property and your project, in a report that illustrates what’s likely to be approved and what opportunities we’ve identified.  It’s invaluable for evaluating options and identifying thresholds that may trigger additional scrutiny, delays, and/or expense.   

Detailed questionnaires capture the needs and wishes of your family regarding your new home and the life you wish to lead in it.  We summarize and clarify this information to serve as the basis of design for a home that includes and empowers everyone who will live there.

We personally visit your project site to understand the existing conditions.  During the visit, we take photographs to record significant site features.  We also will discuss any clarifications to your completed questionnaires or insight specific to you and your property.

Your report also identifies any potential required consultants, planning regulations, permit requirements and planning overlays affecting the project site.  All information for the report is gathered electronically or provided by the property owner; the completed report is  provided electronically. 


Strategy Meeting

After we’ve collected and documented your information, we’ll meet with you at our office or via Zoom for an informed discussion of the options and possibilities.  After that, if it feels like a mutual good fit and you’re ready to proceed, we’ll prepare a proposal for the next steps – designing, permitting and construction of your project.



The fee to complete the Programming Consultation is $ 3,695.00.


2 weeks, not inclusive of delays incurred by the Client or otherwise outside the control of the Architect.



The fees for the Programming Consultation are due upon engagement, prior to scheduled site visit.

The fee is non-refundable, but your appointment can be rescheduled, under certain circumstances, within six weeks of your original appointment.



The aforementioned Description of Services, Time for Completion and  attached Terms and Conditions are hereby accepted as the Agreement between Client and Architect.  The Architect is authorized to proceed as specified.  Payments will be made as indicated above.

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