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Historic Buildings Architecture & Consultancy

Historic Buildings Architecture & Consultancy

Stroud Architects has a passion for historic preservation.  Historic structures and cultural resources provide us all with an understanding of our past and in doing so provides us with a sense of history.  Whether if it’s the restoration of Pueblo ruins, tabby slave cabins or an historic townhouse, they all speak of our shared history and we feel that we must act as advocates for the historic structures and cultural resources that we have the good fortune to be involved with.


​​Brief Projects List:



Tabby Slave Quarters; Ossabaw Island, GA                                      Club House; Ossabaw Island, GA

Boarding House; Ossabaw Island, GA                                               418 East Taylor Street; Savannah, GA

Owens Thomas House; Savannah, GA                                              Andrew Lowe House; Savannah, GA

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace; Savannah, GA                                Green-Meldrim House; Savannah, GA

Italianate Manor House , VA                                                                Aztec Ruins National Monument;Aztec, NM

Battersea; Petersburg, VA                                                                    Blenheim; Fairfax, VA

Centre Hill Mansion; Petersburg, VA                                                  National Battle Ground; Cold Harbor, VA

Federal Hill; Fredericksburg, VA                                                          St. John's Episcopal; King George, VA

Kinloch; The Plains, VA                                                                         Plainview; Fork Union, VA    

Rose Hill; Port Royal, VA                                                                       Rowe House; Fredericksburg, VA

St George’s Church; Fredericksburg, VA                                            St Julien Plantation; New Post, VA

Little Fork Church; Culpeper, VA                                                        Oakstone: Ashland, VA

The Octagon; Washington, DC                                                           Dumbarton House; Washington, DC

Dacor Bacon House; Washington, DC                                              Gwynn's Island Beach Cottage, Gwynn, VA

                                                                                                                Fort Monroe, Fort Monroe, VA

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